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Writing a Watercolour Book!!

emma block watercolor book

I announced over on my Instagram and I forgot to share the news on here: I am writing a book!! Last summer I had an idea for a book. I realised that most watercolour books are very old-fashioned and very traditional, and I wanted to write something modern fun and accessible. I got in touch with my friend Lesley who helped me write a book proposal, which ended up being a whopping 23 pages long, and presented to some publishers. In the New Year I got offered a book deal and I am spending this summer writing the book. I am used to having ideas for illustrations in my head then making them happen on paper, but having an idea for a book then turning it into a real book deal with the big publisher is something completely new. It's just crazy that this project went from dream to reality. I am loving the process of writing this book. I am just having so much fun coming up with projects for it. The publishers have given me a lot of freedom to choose what I want to teach in the book which has been brilliant. I love teaching people to paint and encouraging them to find their creativity, so it's really exciting to be able to do that on a much wider scale due to this book. I would describe this book as everything I know and love about watercolours. It's for people who want to paint colourful, joyful things to put on their wall and not take it all too seriously. At this point I have just passed the halfway mark and I've handed the first half of my manuscript to the publishers. I can't believe I've written a half a book already. I've got just over a month to finish the second half. My book will be coming out next summer. Follow me over on Instagram for sneak peeks of my progress.

Hi Katie,  I had a great evening, thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. I hope the evening was a real success.  I wanted to talk about possibly doing some collaborative work with West Elm. I'm planning a bit of a bedroom makeover, and I'm planning to blog about incorporating pieces from my travels proving textiles Mexico bawdry into a cohesive team and working with a rented property. I was thinking it would be really nice to include some of your bedlinens. I recently did a chair makeover post which was really popular on Instagram as well and was good. I've also had my office featured on stylist magazine. Let me know if this is something you guys might be interested in  Best wishes,