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Day Out with Weekend:IN


A few weeks ago I was invited to a special event out in the Somerset countryside. A chance to spend a creative day in a beautiful location with some inspiring women? Sign me up.

weekend in infuencer event somerset
weekend in influencer event somerset

Event was hosted by Olivia Tripp, founder of Weekend:IN, whose aim is to bring influences and independent brands together. The day started with a flat lay styling challenge with brands Seven Boot LaneHammam Havlu and Beija London. I somehow ended up standing on the table to get that perfect shot.

weekend in influencer event somerset

After a delicious lunch outside we made pom-pom festival headdresses with Ollie Quinn. It turns out Ollie Quinn and I had been wanting to work with each other for a while, so it was great to finally meet. I'm picking up a pair of prescription sunglasses from them this week which I'm really excited about. 

weekend in ollie quinn
WKNDIN-Brands-Influencers-ollie quinn
WKNDIN-Brands-Influencers-ollie quinn
emma block

After a mini pom-pom headdress and sunglasses photoshoot we headed back inside to have a bit of a chillout session with Yawn. Yawn produce beautiful, ethically made pyjamas in the most stunning original prints. Their motto is 'kettle on, phone off, pyjama time' so we all put on a gifted pair of pyjamas, switched off our phones and settled down to play some games. It turns out bloggers are pretty competitive, Nancy been the most competitive of all! It was such a lovely way to chill out for an hour or so. 

weekend in yawn
weekend in influencer event somerset yawn

After that we put our normal clothes back on, grabbed some snacks for the train and headed home back to London. It was such a lovely day and I'm really excited about working with some of the brands from the event. Thank you Olivia for putting on such a wonderful event, and thank you Sophie for taking such amazing photos.

All photos in this blog were taken by Sophie Carefull. Stunning flowers by Wilderness Flowers