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The creative life of an illustrator living in London

A Few Wise Words

Over on Instagram I shared some of my top tips as part of #MarchMeetTheMarker. They were just a few nuggets of wisdom I have cleaned in my 5 1/2 years of freelancing. It was one of my most popular ever Instagram post, so I thought I would share it again here. Obviously I am a freelance illustrator, but I think this advice could apply to any freelance creative.

Finding Inspiration

In this blog post I wanted to talk a little bit about inspiration. I personally define inspiration as feeling motivated to do something or create something. It's that feeling when you read a great book and immediately want to sketch the main character, or you go somewhere so beautiful that you can't stop taking photos, filming or sketching.

Brush Lettering with Etsy

I was very excited to be asked by Etsy to teach some brush lettering skills to the attendees of its pop-up wedding fair at West Elm. The workshops were ridiculously popular and the tickets sold out within three minutes of launching. Across two days I taught 24 students how to create beautiful brush lettering, ideal for brides (and grooms) hoping to DIY their wedding stationery.